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Web3 for Telco Carriers

Carriers: It is time to introduce Web3 to your subscribers

A free branded, customised and curated super-dApp that can be downloaded on any NFC enabled Android smartphone instantly, allowing any of your users to earn via active usage of their device (iOS dApp coming soon).


Our Web3 dApp provides key benefits such as:

  • Subscribers get easy access to the new world of Web3 anytime, anywhere. Be the first to lead this new exciting category in apps.

  • Let your Subscribers get rewarded for their shopping, sharing and searching by sharing in the monetization of their own screen usage. They can use their earnings to partly pay their phone bill

  • Increasing Carrier revenues from existing subscribers and enabling easier upsell for complimentary product/service offerings

  • Protection against rogue and scam links by using our unique Web3 Active Curation™ system

  • Provides your users with anonymity and enhanced security for your personal information

  • An inbuilt automatic wallet set up without the current day complexities

  • Empowers billions of Smartphone Telco subscribers globally to earn a Universal income, in turn increasing financial inclusion


Web3 technologies are designed to provide enhanced security for mobile apps.

Overall, using Web3 technologies in mobile apps can provide enhanced security and privacy for users. By leveraging decentralized networks, encryption techniques, smart contracts, and user control, Web3 technologies can help to mitigate the risks associated with traditional centralized systems and provide a more secure and trustworthy platform for mobile app users.

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“By partnering with platforms, Operators can gain access to a larger pool of apps that they can promote to their customers, which can lead to a more diverse and personalized app experience...”


Gökhan Yüksektepe, Turkcell

Forbes, March 2023

"Key to the success of preloads  and on-device discovery is in the convenience and efficiency of these models. OEMs partnering with third-party platforms will help expand their reach, tap into new user segments, and enhance their brand image"

Daniele Servadei, CEO Sellix 

Forbes, March 2023

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